Information in English

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the cooperative doctoral school of the HTWG!

The cooperative doctoral school of the HTWG Konstanz focuses on application-oriented research, aiming at translating theoretical research into practical applications. It is open for members of all departments. The cooperative doctoral school offers transdisciplinary courses, for example in scientific methods or scientific writing, and provides participants with an opportunity to network. Furthermore, the school aims to assure the quality of doctoral projects at the HTWG through constant monitoring.

As a University of Applied Sciences, the HTWG does not have the right to award doctoral degrees. In the federal state of Baden-Württemberg (as in most other German federal states), only „classical“ universities do. Pursuing a doctorate at HTWG therefore only is possible in cooperation with a university. This means that doctoral students are formally enrolled as PhD students at a university, while they have a supervisor from a university as well as from HTWG.

The cooperative doctoral school of the HTWG does not offer grants or scholarships itself. Financing your doctorate would typically require working part-time as a research assistant in a third-party funded research project or finding a scholarship, such as HAW-Prom.

In case you would like our help in finding a supervisor at HTWG, please send us  the following documents. Please do state, whether you already have a supervisor at a university.

  • A proposal for the doctoral project that you wish to pursue (3 – 10 pages)
  • A copy of your master‘s degree (please be aware that, on average, your grades should at least be good (2,0 or B)
  • Your CV